Congratulations to Wenzel Downhole Tools in the USA for being granted registration to ISO 9001:2008, in November 2014.

Wenzel Downhole Tools has attained ISO 9001:2008 certification in Canada, Europe, and now the USA.
We’re proud of our Edmonton, Celle and Conroe facilities’ achievement in pursuing and gaining these international designations – showcasing our manufacturing expertise and extreme adherence to high quality drilling equipment.

Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd in Edmonton holds certification in ISO 9001:2008, as well as gaining API Spec Q1 and API 7-1 Monogram in August 2014.
Wenzel Downhole Tools Europe GmbH facility in Celle, Germany attained the ISO 9001:2008 certification in July 2014.

Wenzel implements continuous improvement practices throughout its manufacturing and service facilities, as well as HSE and business operations. To learn more, please see our Inhouse Service.