Health, Safety and Environment

Commitment to HSE is a core component of Wenzel’s operations and company culture. Our strong HSE culture is reinforced through assessment, training, meetings, coaching, reporting and action. Wenzel is active in finding new ways to reduce its environmental footprint – from recycling programs for all industrial waste materials through to a charitable donation program for used beverage containers.

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Proven Quality

Only the best materials and processes

All material is of impeccable quality and sourced from well-respected suppliers. Each product component’s lifecycle is individually tracked by Wenzel, reaching back to document the mill certification and material base element composition. Wenzel’s comprehensive manufacturing capability includes state-of-the-art equipment and journeymen machinists and programmers. All tools are subject to 100% inspection.

Quality, compliance and continuous improvement

Wenzel Downhole Tools’ Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2015 registered and implements continuous improvement practices. We are committed to providing quality products and services while complying with all applicable standards and requirements.

Quality policy:

“Providing quality products, technology, and service while complying with all applicable standards and requirements, while improving the QMS’s effectiveness on a continual basis and maintaining customer satisfaction.”

Wenzel encourages teamwork by all employees with an emphasis on continual improvement of the quality management system to achieve internal, external, customer expectations and satisfaction.

Full traceability of materials

Wenzel’s proprietary web based lifecycle management tool, InSite, is used to track and maintain detailed run, service and invoice history of individual assets and components.  InSite is used in both Wenzel’s own rental fleet as well as for customer-owned assets where we perform the maintenance. Our staff are highly trained and qualified, adhering to our refined best approach in assembling, inspecting and servicing downhole tools. Cross-training and mentoring initiatives ensure service is consistent, thorough and staff take pride in their work.

ISO Certificate Canada | ISO Certificate MENA | ISO Certificate USA | API Monogram Certificate |

API Q1 Specification Certificate | HSE Certificate

More for Your Investment

Wenzel’s inhouse manufacturing and servicing capabilities include specialized coating applications to further the longevity and durability of tools working downhole. Technologically advanced machinery, strict processes and skilled operators ensure that Wenzel offers clients the highest quality drilling products.

Wenzel’s specialized coating application processes include H.V.O.F. (High Velocity Oxygen Fuelled), H.V.A.F (High Velocity Air Fuelled), and P.T.A. (Plasma Transfer Arc).  Wenzel’s H.V.A.F. and P.T.A. systems use robots to apply coatings, keeping accuracy and repeatability consistent.

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Advanced Service offering:
Wenzel’s  DynoFlow Tester offers customers enhanced operating performance data on drilling motors before they are sent downhole. This drilling motor dynamometer test bench couples either straight or bent motors to high pressure fluid supply and thrust loading for performance testing. Customers are provided additional confidence in the reliability of their motor’s performance for downhole drilling.

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Tried and Tested

Wenzel Downhole Tools’ most significant assets are our leading edge technologies and employees who continually develop new and better ways to enhance our products. WZL continues to pioneer and patent new concepts in product capabilities for numerous drilling situations, seeking improved durability and reliability for longer uninterrupted run times and lower cost per meter of hole.

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