EDMONTON – 2020-10-15 – Wenzel Downhole Tools ULC today announced a partnership with local InFocus Energy Services Inc. to offer All Metal Power (AMP) power sections in select thru tubing motors.

A major advancement in premium drilling motor technology, AMP power sections are rated to temperatures greater than 200°C (400°F) and are not susceptible to extreme temperature and most mud-related issues seen with traditional power sections. Metal-to-metal contact translates into much higher operating regimes.

AMP can also provide improved reliability against blistering, debonding and pressure issues that can affect traditional elastomers when exposed to drilling fluids and lubricants. In particular, excellent results have been documented when drilling with oil-based mud and nitrogen.

The AMP offering will be added to Wenzel’s catalogue of thru tubing power section options, which includes traditional hard rubber and even-walled hard rubber stators.

“We are pleased to team up with a local business that has proven itself a leader in full-metal power section technology,” said Rishi Gurjar, Wenzel VP Engineering. “Being able to offer AMP in our thru tubing motors, and potentially elsewhere down the road, is great for our customers and another example of how Wenzel Downhole Tools continues to provide innovative, high-performance drilling solutions.”

For more information on Wenzel thru tubing motors and AMP power section options, visit https://wenzeltools.com/portfolio-items/thru-tubing-motors/.