Edmonton, AB – 2024-05-16 – Earlier this month, Wenzel Downhole Tools and their Quality Management System (QMS) received perfect scores from their annual American Petroleum Institute (API) Q1 and 7-1 audits. This marks FOUR consecutive years of receiving API audit reports that contain ZERO negative or non-compliant findings.

Wenzel has also received perfect ISO 9001:2015 audit reports for FIVE years in a row.

Continuous improvement

To not only pass but excel in these audits is a testament to Wenzel’s commitment to consistently produce downhole tools of world-leading quality in a safe and highly efficient environment.

Global standards like Kaizen principles, 5S workplace organization and lean manufacturing within the Edmonton facility have inspired an evolved manufacturing floor of international regard.

The key to our manufacturing success is having a team that works towards the same common goals. Continuous, cross-functional collaboration with departments like production, engineering, quality control, sales and supply chain is essential. Everyone prioritizes customer service and quality.

Shawn Feguenne, V.P. Manufacturing, Canada

Certified accolades

Over the past four years, Wenzel has received high praise from API auditors. “It is very refreshing to see a company so engaged in continual improvements at so many levels,” said the 2024 auditor. “Very compliant QMS with attention to detail at every level.”

Each year, auditors list strengths found in their inspection; below is a selection of our favourite comments from the past four audits.

  • Compliance-based QMS
  • Management review meetings
  • Excellent record keeping
  • Kaizen implementation
  • 5S practices in production and service
  • Engineering documentation
  • Leadership and management support
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Mature and well-defined QMS
  • Well-developed processes
  • Strong engineering practices
  • Continual improvement trending as evidenced through data analysis
  • Comprehensive design packages
  • Very strong Purchase Order issuance and evaluation of supplier processes
  • Use of the QMS SharePoint database to maintain a well-controlled and documented QMS, including NCR reporting
  • High percentage of calibration done in-house
  • Training documentation is complete and easily accessible
  • Cleanliness of manufacturing and service areas
  • Strong management involvement and knowledgeable employees

Learn more about Wenzel Downhole Tools Manufacturing Services on our website: wenzeltools.com/wenzel-downhole-tools-manufacturing-services/

About the audits

The API Q1 audit is a third-party inspection of QMS facilities, personnel and processes that follows standards set forth in the API Specification Q1 document. The specification establishes minimum QMS requirements for organizations that provide products for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry.

The API 7-1 audit is a third-party inspection that evaluates a manufacturer’s compliance with standards for rotary drill stem elements as set forth in the API Specification 7-1 document. This audit focuses more on the quality of the tools and parts produced, including upper and lower kelly valves, square and hexagonal kellys, drill stem subs, drill collars, heavy-weight drill pipe, drilling and coring bit connections, and stabilizers.

ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized QMS standard that details processes, procedures and activities to ensure quality manufacturing, continuous improvement and a customer focus. Audits are conducted by certified third-party professionals.

More information about the American Petroleum Institute and their audits can be found on their website: api.org. More information about the ISO 9001:2015 standard can be found at iso.org.